Greetings & welcome to the Legion of Honor guild website.

Legion of Honor (Alliance – Nordrassil) is a 10 man (hopefully 25man) raiding guild currently recruiting now and for the upcoming Warlords expansion. We are looking for committed solid raiders who are helpful and progression minded and also looking for 1 to 2 dependable raid leaders to lead raid team. The 10 man raid team will be consited of 13 members (3 Tanks, 4 Healers & 6 DPS) Our goal in raiding is to clear every tier on normal content mode early into an expansion so as to begin working on heroic modes ASAP, while not sacrificing the ability to live a life outside of WoW at the same time.

We will raid Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30pm to 10pm server time (8:30pm to 11pm EST), with plenty of Alt runs as time permits.   If interested please read our Code of Conduct & Raiding Rules below before applying.  Thank you.

The Code and Conduct Legion of Honor

Greetings, and welcome to the Legion of Honor. The Legion of Honor represents a codeof Strength, Honor, and Respect. Honor and Respect the guild and players in and out of the guild.


The Legion of Honor is a Semi Hard core raiding guild, with focus on end game raiding.

General Behavior

Please remember that whatever you do in the gaming environment while a part of the guild can (and does) reflect positively or negatively on the guild. Do not ever ninja loot in any area of game play.Do not ever join in trade channel trolling. Refrain from being a jerk. The guild reserves the right to remove people who make the rest of the guild look bad.

Ranks and Promotions

Legion of Honor currently has the following ranks:

Will Update Soon (GM, Officer, Raider  1,Raider 2, Raider 3, Apprentice, Probation, Alt)

GM = Guild Master

Asst GM = Asst Guild Master

Officer = voting council

Raider 1 = Extremely consistent, extremely raid aware, and extremely good overall play

Raider 2 = Fairly consistent, raid aware, and extremely good overall play

Raider 3 = Apprentice raider, still learning the ins and outs of raiding

Apprentice = Any toon not yet geared or ready for Basic raiding

Probation = Newbies

Alt = Any Non Main

Promotions are achieved through a member's actions. So being honorable, respectful, helping others (both in and out of the guild) is how you move up in rank.

Behavior contrary to the code can result in being reduced in rank.

Guild Tabards

Guild tabards are provided to all members when they join. 

Giving and Asking for Assistance

Everyone in the guild is encouraged to help others and to ask for help when needed. However, it should be remembered that just because you ask for help it does not mean that you will receive help. You are never EXPECTED to drop whatever you are doing when someone asks for help and you should remember that others should not be EXPECTED to drop what they are doing when you ask for help.

Bank Rules

1) When removing an item from the bank, is it something you need or is it something you are going to take to sell for money to make money. Remember that some of the items in the vault are someone else's blood sweat and tears, meaning a guildy worked hard to donate an item for someone's upgrade. If you feel the removal of the item would benefit the guild better than sitting in the vault, and sell better in the Auction House then make that known.

Loot Rules

In Raid Instances, requiring 10 or 25 players, we use a system that prioritizes Mains over alts, everyone has one main toon.  This means that everyone has 1 toon that can roll on a level playing field with all other mains. The purpose to this is the promotion of 1 really Great geared toon for raiding End game content and not having 5 partially geared toons. The gear will come to your alts as we clear content and understand it better by using our mains to learn that content. The quicker we figure it out the faster we can get Alt runs going.  Also in the early stages of Progression raiding we encourage the dps to pass on gear that will benefit our Tanks and Healers more!  In the grand sceam of things mega dps is nice but the tanks and healers are the ones that save your butt.

Guild Master: Darkslayer



Raiding Rules & Guidelines


Legion of Honor raids a minimum of two nights per week, Tuesday & Wednesday. All members are eligible to participate in raids, but each instance has different needs and requirements. The Raid Leader reserves the right to invite players with the consistency, experience, and gear to make a run successful. When you sign up for a raid, regardless of whether you are an experienced raider or not, you agree to abide by the following rules.


1. If you are late to a run without prior notice to and consent of the raid leader you may lose your raid spot. If you no show without notice to and consent of a raid leader, you will be replaced. We run 12-13 peeps per raid team in order to ensure consistent raid progression and options. In addition, we expect 85% attendance.

2. We are going to give priority on raid invites for standard and cutting-edge content to folks that can commit to running on a consistent basis.  We understand that there may be difficult weeks.


Attendees should plan to be at the instance 10-15 minutes early so that we can enter the instance at the scheduled start time. If you are not online by the scheduled start time, you will be replaced by someone from the Queue list. No one will be summoned to the instance past the scheduled start time.


Participants should show up fully repaired with any reagents and consumables needed for the run. The guild will supply Cauldrons and feast as supply’s permit.

Leaving early:

Let the raid leaders know as far in advance as possible if you plan to leave the raid early so that an alternate can be at the instance when you're ready to leave.


Everyone attending the raid must have Ventrilo and be able to at least listen to commands from Raid Leaders. During encounters, vent must be reserved for essential communication from Raid Leaders and group members. Laughing and joking is great during down time, but it is not allowed during fight explanations and is discouraged in combat. Use Raid chat for your comments and if you have a suggestion for the Raid leader please use whisper.


Normal guild rules regarding etiquette apply. We ask that you show respect for your fellow members, both in raid chat and vent. Please respect the raid leaders also. If you have a suggestion, do not interrupt the raid leader while he or she is speaking.

Required Mods:

We ask that our members download and use:

1. Omen or similar

2. Deadly Boss Mods

3. DE cursive or similar

4. Grid, Healbot, VuDu or X-Perl  (for Healing)

 We do not require damage meters, though you are welcome to use them to gauge your own performance. Please do not report damage meters or synchronize them during the raid.

Raid Invite Policy:

Only players who are properly keyed and/or geared for the designated instance will receive invites.

Signups are not first-come first-serve. The raid leader chooses each group very carefully, regardless of sign up time. Attention will be paid to class balance, experience, and skill.

Queue spots:

All our raiders have to be prepared to sit Queue from time-to-time, as the raid leader determines.  The point of the Queue is to have folks that can sub into the run if needed. If you are not on the main roster but are put on the Queue, you are agreeing to be completely prepared for the raid in the event of a spot in the raid opening unexpectedly.

Levels of Content:

Different raid invite policies apply to different levels of content. As the guild progresses, we will adjust these definitions.

1. Farm Content: This is defined as content from which most people have their gear and from which many items get disenchanted.

2. Standard Content: This is defined as content which we are able to master but from which most of our regular raiders still need a lot of gear.

3. Progression Content: This is defined as content that our guild is still progressing through. We will look to field optimal groups based on player dedication, skill, gear, and class balance.

Mains and Alts:

You must declare one toon as your main for the purposes of raiding. This character has invite priority over your other characters. There are exceptions to this rule when a person has equally-geared toons that are each capable of meeting an instance's requirements. In this case, the raid leader will try to include your main, but if group composition requires it, you may be asked to bring your alt.  You cannot bounce back and forth between characters every week. We ask people to declare a main because we believe that focus is beneficial.

In general, only mains are allowed (with a few exceptions) in Cutting Edge and Standard Content.

A persons Main has priority over an Alt.